Psalm 130

This beautiful and rather poignant Psalm is categorised under a number of headings; Psalms of Lament, Penitential Psalms and Songs of Ascent.


Lyrics: Sing Psalms – Free Church of Scotland
Tune: BELMONT (CM ) Melody from William Gardiner’s Sacred Melodies (1812)
Arranged and performed by: Wyn Galpin
From a selection entitled: Songs in the Night

Psalm 130 recognises the despair of estrangement from God as a consequence of sin. Although it begins in distress, it’s clear that the Psalmist is relying on God’s great mercy as a function of His divine covenantal love; this is what gives the author – and us – confidence to wait and to exercise active faith and hope in God.

Referencing in song verses 1-2 and 4-6 only, this video version is biased towards personal devotions but, in fact, Psalm 130 is suitable for both private and public worship.

The tune (Belmont) has been transcribed down from A♭ to F giving a range of C4 to C5 which is in keeping with the average congregational vocal range. There are also a number of delightful descants for voice or solo instrument – such as flute – that could serve to further enhance this delightfully haunting melody.