Corporate worship

The COVID pandemic has been a very unwelcome and quite challenging feature of our lives for the last 18 months or so especially with being unable to attend church. I’ve very grateful for technology and how well it’s been able to keep us all connected but finally being able to meet in person is wonderful. I must admit that I don’t much like singing with a mask but it is, nevertheless, a great joy to be back in church.

How pleased and blest was I
to hear the people cry,
”Come let us seek our God today!”
Yes, with a cheerful zeal
we haste to Zion’s hill 
And there our vows and honours pay.

This lovely hymn, based on Psalm 122, is a delightful way to celebrate reuniting with our fellow believers and coming together to praise and worship God. The hymn ‘Fairest Lord Jesus’ is also sung to this melody and it too is very suitable for corporate worship.

Author : Isaac WATTS (1674 – 1748)
Tune : Silesian Melody : This melody, most commonly known as ‘Fairest Lord Jesus’ and associated with that hymn, was a Silesian folk tune.
Arranged and performed by : Wyn Galpin – Trio Praise